The goal of the proposed training courses is to elevate the technical knowledge of attendees and give them hands-on experience to do their daily job more efficient.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should if you have any questions or concerns.

The following list summarize core course currently available through APG’s professionals:

  • SU/USP/DDS/ Madagascar (Seismic Data Processing)

  • SGeMS (Stanford Geostatistical Modeling Software)

  • GMG/OMNI (Seismic Survey Design and Modeling)

  • SiesWorks and PowerView (Seismic Interpretation)

  • SynTool (Seismic-Well Tie)

  • Hampson-Russell (Seismic Data Analysis)

  • Jason Workbench (Seismic Data Analysis)

  • OpendTect dGB (Attributes, Fault, Fracture, etc.)

  • GEOSOFT: OASIS MONTAJ (Gravity and Magnetic Mapping, Modeling and Inversion)

  • RokDoc (Rock Physics Modeling)

  • RPTK (Rock Physics Toolkit)

  • MaR (Make-a-Rock) Modeling

  • CoViz (Co-visualization of Geoscience Data)

  • ARKCLS (Colour Inversion and Spectral Bluing)

  • Petrel

  • Paradigm GOCAD